Chenin Blanc

Chenin blanc is putting premium South African wine on the map. This wine is tailored to showcase layers of distinctive fruit complexity that will develop and evolve over time.

Layers of fruit complexity

A Moment in the Life of a Vineyard

Coenie has selected Chenin blanc grapes that come from a single site on the slopes of the Simonsberg. These vines were planted in 1980.

The goal of this wine is to capture a moment in the life of the vineyard in 2022 and to produce a Chenin that carries ripeness and richness whilst at the same time remaining elegant and refined.

The grapes were picked at two different ripeness levels in order to create differing layers of fruit flavours in the wine. The grapes are partially fermented in a concrete egg to preserve the fruit and give tension to the core and partially fermented in barrels with a touch of new oak to prolong the life of the wine and to add further complexity and layers to the Chenin fruit expression.

The result is a delicious wine with complex layers of fruit and a light touch of oak. The wine reveals layered Chenin blanc flavours that will develop and evolve over time.

Tasting Notes (PDF)

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