Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine showcases the unique red “gateway wine” potential that Cinsault can express as a single varietal. It is an expression of a lighter style of red wine that bridges the gap between a fruity Chenin and a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon.

Harmony Between Power and Elegance, Fruit and Austerity

The Heartbeat of Stellenbosch

Rock of Eye is a term long-used by tailors, who create beautiful garments by feel rather than precise measurement or method.

Nothing beats experience. It allows us to trust our gut, as well as the process. When we use instinct born of experience as our guide, we create intuitively.

The grapes for this wine were carefully selected from three unique sites – located in the Helderberg (planted in 1998), the Polkadraai Hills (planted in 2010) and Simonsberg (planted in 2003) respectively. These sites all have decomposed granite soils in common. The granite soils always deliver powerful wines, but each vineyard expresses this differently.

Picked on the 21st of March the powerful and fruit driven Polkadraai grapes bring with juicy tannins to the blend.

Picked on the 24th of March the Simonsberg grapes yield austerity and are defined by tight tannins this wine contributes to the blend.

Picked on the 22nd of March the Helderberg site yield refined fruit with chalky tannins. This component is the catalyst for the integration of the three components into the blend during maturation. I aimed to capture the truest expression of Cabernet Sauvignon that delivers powerful yet seamless structure. Tasting Notes (PDF)
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